Pallet Rack Engineering

Why Choose Cold-Formed T-Bolt Pallet Rack?

UNARCO offers a variety of optional rack styles to satisfy a large variation of storage rack project requirements. The two most common types of...

Closed Tube Column vs. Open C-Shape Column

UNARCO offers a closed tubular column section and an open C-shape column section for uprights. We are often asked by customers “Which column section...

Pallet Rack Bottom Beams – Can We Remove to Double Stack Pallets?

Think twice before removing random beams from your pallet rack system. The capacities and integrity of the system can be greatly decreased by the removal of beam levels without proper engineering approval.

Straddle Protectors – Original or Retrofit, A good idea.

We see many cases where a significant percentage of warehouse aisle columns have been severely damaged due to forklift "bumps" during the first year. No matter how high your forklift driver accuracy is, history tells a consistent story of column damage from outrigger abuse even in some of the safest warehouses in America.